Sandra and Dan have been hosts for their B & B, Casa Cacahaute, for many years and love meeting new people and making friends. They have now created a paradise for those who want to appreciate natural beauty, birding, and creative activities, in a peaceful relaxing atmosphere. They are well known for the fabulous breakfast they serve to their guests and the inviting and homey atmosphere they create. Staying with them is almost like coming home.

The neighborhood is wonderful, with local Mayans and their families. Many of Sandra and Dan’s friends live across the highway from Puerto Morelos in an area called the “colonia”. The B & B is behind this colonia in an area called the Zona Urbano. The beautiful sandy beaches and restaurants of Puerto Morelos are easily accessible and only 5 minutes away.


The house was designed by a Spanish architect who has built beautiful hotels in the area. The house is extremely unique and the structure flows with the underground rivers. The trees, flowers and plants create a beautiful, serene and cool surrounding.

If you are tired of the ordinary vacation and want something special and different that makes you feel like you are in Mexico and the Mayan land, come stay with us. We cater to our guests and make sure they have a wonderful time. We can arrange special private birding excursions, jungle walks, cenote trips and help guide you on where to go and what to do in the area.


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Sandra and Dan have built two lovely spacious rooms upstairs on top of their home. The property is on 2 and half acres of land which assures guests of a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

The 2 lovely rooms were especially designed for our guests. They are spacious with spectacular views of the jungle from the windows and plenty of light. We offer king-size or twin beds with beautiful all cotton bedding, thick bath towels. There is a beautifully tiled bathroom in each room and plenty of closet space for your things. The palapa terrace can be used as an outside living room with table, chairs, sofa and refrigerator. There are relaxing hammocks to enjoy reading, writing and maybe a glass of wine at sunset.


A Love Prayer for Women

by Sandra A. Dayton

"To begin your day and every day of your life with prayerful meditations inspired by Ixchel, the Maya Goddess of LOVE..."

by Sandra A. Dayton

ANCIENT MAYA GODDESS, A Journey with Ixchel and Her Timely Channeled Message for Women
by Sandra A. Dayton

"This book is dedicated to women.

For those who are awakening and seeking their Spiritual Path.

For those who hear their Soul's call, yearning for a new life.

For those who are ready to Love, coming into balance and action.

For those who are healing themselves and their world, creating peace."


When we first arrived in the area over 25 years ago, we thought the beach was where we would want to live. However, a couple of years after I began my tours in the jungle, I connected to the energy of the plants and trees and eventually realized that one day I would be living in the jungle and began looking for property. Dan tells me when he was young, he read an article in a National Geographic magazine about Chichen itza and felt that he would one day live in the Yucatan jungle also!

Since we moved here, our intention has been to be of service to our community and help the local people in some way. I remember when I met the Mayans who live in the jungle around here. One of the first things they asked me was “why do you live on the beach?” I thought it was odd because I thought it would be everyone’s dream to live on the beach. I would explain it was beautiful to see the Caribbean, go for a swim and enjoy the sun and sand. They would say to me "why wouldn’t you want to live in the jungle, where you have tall trees to keep you shaded and cool, where you can dig down 4 or 5 meters and have fresh water to drink. You can grow corn, beans, tomatoes, lettuce, radishes, and have fresh fruit trees like papayas, oranges, bananas, grapefruit, avocado, plums, etc. You can raise chickens, goats and pigs. You can grow medicinal plants to heal you."

SANDRA - continued

The Mayans made their point and I felt ignorant. For centuries no one ever lived on the beach. They went to the beach for fishing and trading but not to LIVE! Living on the beach would be like living on a desert. Now we live in the coolness of the jungle. When we want to go to the beach, we go to Puerto Morelos for lunch or dinner at one of the restaurants. Most of the time we are busy in our home gardening, enjoying nature, involved in our community projects. We love the jungle, taking our 3 daschunds out for morning walks and saying good morning to our Mayan neighbors.

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